Conservation & Sustainability


Fisher Hill was named for Francis Fisher, an early nineteenth century landowner and resident who worked as a commission merchant with the firm of E.S. and F.K Fisher and J.B. Robinson on Central Wharf in Boston. When Fisher and other area property owners decided to develop the land in 1884, they hired Frederick Law Olmsted to lay out the neighborhood. The neighborhood’s existing curvilinear design and street layout is Olmsted’s solution to its irregular topography and from the start, the development was considered to be one of Brookline’s most attractive and desirable neighborhoods.

If the articles are passed and the project moves forward, there will be significant benefits to the conservation and sustainability of Fisher Hill, including:

  • Maintain at Developer’s sole expense select mature trees on Fisher Ave;
  • Provide to the town a recorded permanent easement for a green buffer and tree protection on Fisher Ave;
  • Provide landscape buffer and/or fencing to abutters on the South side entry;
  • Remove existing curb cut on Holland to reduce traffic;
  • Sustainability undertakings including voluntary compliance with the No Fossil Fuels By-law.


A detailed transportation study, along with expanded traffic counts for the Balfour at Brookline senior living development, was completed in consultation with the Town of Brookline. It should be noted that the average age of residents upon entry is expected to be 82 years. i.e., car ownership will be relatively low, so the potential for resident trips by personal automobile will be minimal. Balfour has also committed to implement the following measures:

  • Staggered employee shifts that they do not coincide with roadway traffic peak times;
  • Employee shuttles will be run to the nearest train stations (C and D Green line stations to the north) and employee T passes will be subsidized;
  • Residents will have access to electric vehicles and vans with drivers for shared trips to appointments and errands;
  • No trailer truck deliveries, except for moving truck hired by residents, will be allowed to serve the Site;
  • On-site 24/7 nursing staff help limit the number of 911 calls generated by the Site to an average of one call per week;
  • Bicycle parking will be provided on the Site and showers/dressing rooms will be available for employees;
  • New on-site walkways will connect to the existing sidewalk on Fisher Avenue;
  • Implement storm water control measures which optimize on-site filtration using rain gardens and bioswales;
  • Install native and drought tolerant plants, incorporate bird friendly and pollinator plants.

Additional peak period traffic estimated for the development falls within the range of daily fluctuations in traffic volumes and not perceptible to a typical driver traveling through the area.

Photos are from actual Balfour Communities.